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Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Discussed
Packaging Details: In rolls or bales
Delivery Time: Within 30days
Payment Terms: Discussed
Supply Ability: 5000pcs per day
Detail Information
Tensile Strength: 450N/50mm Surface: Smooth, Laminated, Etc.
Weight: 50gsm-250gsm Size: 2x3m, 3x4m,4x6m,6x8m Etc.
Anti-Mildew: Yes Applications: Agriculture, Garden,Construction, Etc.
Thickness: 0.5mm-2.0mm Waterproof: Yes
High Light:

Durable PE tarpaulin


Heavy Duty PE tarpaulin


Uv Resistance PE tarpaulin

Product Description

Product Description:

The thickness of this polyethylene tarp roll ranges from 0.5mm to 2.0mm, making it durable and long-lasting. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and wind, and protect your belongings from getting damaged. Additionally, it has a tear strength of 150N/50mm, making it resistant to tearing and punctures.

Whether you need to cover your car, outdoor furniture, or other equipment, the PE tarpaulin is an excellent choice. Its waterproof and UV-resistant properties make it suitable for outdoor use, and it can be easily secured with ropes or bungee cords. It is also lightweight and easy to fold, making it easy to store and transport.

In summary, the PE Tarpaulin is a versatile and durable product that can cater to various needs. Its waterproof and tear-resistant properties make it a reliable choice for protecting your belongings, while its lightweight and easy-to-store design make it a convenient option for outdoor use. Whether you need it for agriculture, garden, construction, or other applications, the PE Tarpaulin is an excellent choice that won't disappoint.



  • Product Name: PE Tarpaulin
  • Anti-Mildew: Yes
  • Thickness: 0.5mm-2.0mm
  • Applications: Agriculture, Garden, Construction, Etc.
  • Temperature Resistance: -30℃~+70℃
  • Material: PE
  • Poly Tarp Roll
  • Camouflage Tarp Roll
  • Polyethylene Tarp Roll

Technical Parameters:

Weight 50gsm-250gsm
Temperature Resistance -30℃~+70℃
Tear Strength 150N/50mm
Surface Smooth, Laminated, Etc.
Anti-Mildew Yes
Tensile Strength 450N/50mm
Applications Agriculture, Garden, Construction, Etc.
Material PE
Thickness 0.5mm-2.0mm
Color White, Blue, Green, Orange,Etc.


PE Tarpaulin is a perfect fit for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and other recreational activities. The product is waterproof, which makes it ideal for covering tents, canopies, and other outdoor shelters. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -30℃ to +70℃. This means that it can be used in any weather conditions, whether it is hot or cold.

PE Tarpaulin can also be used to protect goods during transportation. The product is durable and tear-resistant, making it ideal for covering goods during transit. The product is also anti-mildew, which means it can be used to protect goods in humid and damp environments.

The product can also be used in construction sites. PE Tarpaulin can be used to cover materials and equipment to protect them from rain and other weather elements. It can also be used as a barrier to protect workers from dust and other harmful particles.

PE Tarpaulin can be ordered from China with a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces. The price is discussed, and the packaging details are available in rolls or bales. The delivery time is within 30 days, and the payment terms are discussed. The supply ability is 5000 pieces per day.

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Our Polyethylene Tarp, made in China, has a minimum order quantity of 1000pcs and a supply ability of 5000pcs per day. We offer the option to discuss price and payment terms.

The Packaging Details for our Polyethylene Tarp can be customized to come in rolls or bales, with a delivery time of within 30 days.

Our Polyethylene Tarp comes with Anti-Static properties and is available in various Thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm-2.0mm. The Surface of the tarp can be customized to be Smooth, Laminated, Etc.

We offer various Sizes for our Polyethylene Tarp including 2x3m, 3x4m, 4x6m, 6x8m Etc., with a Weight range of 50gsm-250gsm.

Contact us today to customize your Polyethylene Tarp Roll to your specifications.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

The PE Tarpaulin product will be packaged in a durable plastic bag or carton box to protect it from any damage during shipping. The packaging will also include a label with product information and handling instructions.

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We offer both domestic and international shipping options for the PE Tarpaulin product. Shipping costs will vary based on the destination and shipping option chosen. We strive to process and ship all orders within 1-2 business days of receiving payment.

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